Need something to do besides having another cookout this Labor Day?  I get it—and I’ve got nothing against cookouts, but since we’ve been trying to eat less red meat lately, it’s important to have some burger-free activities for the Big Day.


What’s that?  Nobody calls Labor Day “the Big Day?”  Hm…


Anyway, if I’ve put together a handy little list with some creative ideas for celebrating Labor Day.


You’re welcome.



Cool Things To Do This Labor Day


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1. Host a film festival (AKA movie marathon) in your living room, complete with snacks, booze, and takeout.



2. Buy a new car, mattress, or kitchen appliance— they are on sale, you know!



3. Play Exploding Kittens, but make it the Not Safe For Work edition.


Pick it up here:



4. Plan an at-home spa day!



5. Host a Crash Team Racing tournament.



6. Take on all those tricky-sounding recipes you’ve been saving on Pinterest but haven’t made yet.  Or, at least one of them.



7. Buy a bunch of different wines and have a wine tasting.  Or….



8. Buy a bunch of fun fall beers and have a beer tasting!



9. Read all the archives on A Little Adult!



10. Host a board game day with snacks, takeout, and drinks (are you noticing a theme here yet?).


11. Invite over everyone you know who can play a musical instrument, and see how many festive Labor Day carols you can compose together.



12. Order delivery from all the restaurants in your area, do a proper tasting, and see how all the eateries compare to one another.



13. Raid the summer clearance racks and stock up on all the clothes, shoes, and accessories you could possibly want for next year.



14. Buy a cake.  Every holiday needs one.



15. Go get a massage!



16. Plan a shopping day to take advantage of the holiday deals… but do it online so you can shop with a glass of wine.



17. Have a backyard bonfire and tell your favorite stories about work.  I know, talking about work isn’t that much fun, but hey, it’s labor day, am I right or am I right?



Comment below and tell me which item from this list is your new favorite tradition!


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Thanks for reading 🙂