1. What would you name your coffee shop?


2. If Häagen-Dazs were to name a new ice cream flavor after you, what would the flavor be? What kinds of candy/ cookies/ fruits/ nuts (if any) would be in it?


3. If you had the ability to converse with any species (in addition to fellow humans), what animal (or plant) would you most want to be able to speak with?


4. If you could start the next viral Tik Tok dance, what move would it be?


5. If you had your own talk show, who would you want to be your first guest?


6. If you were gonna buy a custom-designed car, what kind of paint job would it have?


7. If you were to hire a topiary artist, what shape would you want them to make your bushes?


8. Would you rather create a movie, a sitcom, or a reality TV show? (It’s up to you whether your job is to write the show or to star in it.)


9. Would you rather be in a bull run or go skydiving?


10. What would you name your fashion line?


11. Would you rather eat a whole jar of peanut butter in one sitting or go a whole day without food?

funny wall art print - 'in this house, we watch our f*cking language"


12. Would you rather never cut your hair again or go bald? (If you are bald, feel free to apply this question to your facial hair)


13. Would you rather have 20 kids or have none at all?


14. If you were to start a band, what would you name it?


15. Would you rather split your pants in front of your boss or in front of your favorite celebrity?


16. Would you rather go skiing naked or live in a house with floors made of Legos?


17. What would you do if you received a letter from a family member but it was written in Webdings? BTW, that’s the font that looks like this:




18. Would you rather lose your job to a robot or have a boss who’s a cocky asshole and 15 years younger than you?

19. Would you rather share a home with 10 roommates or be locked away all alone in a tower (like Rapunzel)?

20. Would you rather find out the person you married believes that Elvis is still alive or get married by an Elvis impersonator?

21. If you could be conjoined twins with anyone in the world, who would you pick to be joined at your hip?



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