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I’ve been a little absent from this blog recently, and I’m working on not letting that happen again.  I hate the way it feels when I ruin my blogging schedule; I imagine it’s the same feeling healthy people get when they miss a workout: just not good.




I’ve missed the blogosphere!


I spent my week working around the clock on my copywriting business.  I don’t talk about that much here, because I’m keeping my worlds divided for now.  To say the least, it’s been equal parts hectic and exciting!  I’m trying new things, breaking out of my comfort zone, and that’s what’s inspired the idea behind this blog post.


Who knows if it’ll turn into a full-blown thing; I obviously suck at making blogging commitments when there’s no money to be made.


So stick with me til the end of this post, if you will, and then leave me a comment if you think this should be a series!


Here Are The Most Important Things I Learned The Week Of August 19:


1. Having annual goals is good, but having weekly goals keeps me motivated


Since I started my business, I’ve had one goal in my mind: where I want to be by the end of 2018.  And while I’ve been making some great progress and overall, I’m happy with what I’ve achieved, there are certainly times where it feels like I’m trying to climb a mountain in a day.


The concept of weekly goals is not new to me at all, but for some reason, I never really got into the habit of setting these goals for myself.


This week, I decided to work on that.


I don’t want to say exactly what my goal was, because it’s tied to money, and ladies don’t talk about money in public (I think).  But the point is, breaking down your goals into smaller “chunks” that you can reach in a shorter period of time helps to make the mountain look a little bit less intimidating.


2. You can save time, or you can save money, but you cannot always save both


Technically, I already knew this concept before this week, but I was doing a shit job of implementing it.


For example, I often skip meals because I can’t afford taking the time to wrangle up lunch during most workdays.  Sometimes I’d let myself order food, but I tried not to let it become a habit for fear of wasting money.


I still don’t want to let this become a daily occurrence in my life, but this week, I knew I was taking on too much to do on an empty stomach, so I loosened the reigns on my credit card and ordered lunch more than I’d like to admit (fingers crossed that I don’t start to blow up like a blimp).


So, I guess my point is, sometimes you just have to choose between the lesser of two evils, and that’s just life!


3. Flossing is gross, but not flossing is grosser


I probably don’t need to elaborate on this one.


4. Like a soon-to-be mother in the delivery room, when you feel writer’s block, you just have to keep pushing


Not sure why that particular metaphor came to mind; childbirth kind of skeeves me.


But a huge reason why my blogging schedule is so erratic has to do with my chronic writer’s block situation.


It’s sort of ironic, because I write for a living.  I have blogging clients to whom I’m constantly pitching new content ideas, and they all have yet to tell me I should consider other career choices.


When it comes to this blog, though, for some reason nothing ever feels good enough (ironic, I know, as the bar evidently isn’t that high).


I’m working on just making time every day to open up a Word doc and see where my thoughts take me.


This post, for example, was not started with the intention of becoming a list of what I’ve learned this week.  So hey, who knows, maybe I’ve still got some good ideas left in my foggy old age after all!


5. Habits Don’t Change Unless You Work To Change Them


When I was younger, there were certain things about myself that I always figured I’d just grow out of.


Being a night owl, hating exercise, and the fact that I’m not the most outgoing person; I thought all of these things would just go away with age.


And I realized this week, as I was pushing myself to leave my comfort zone, that the only way a person really can grow is through struggling.  You have to work to overcome the things about yourself you want to change.  I’m learning that now as my business is pushing me to do things I never thought I’d ever even try; it’s scary and challenging, but even more thrilling!


I hope to continue trying new things and reaching crazy, new goals.


Before You Go…


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