Black Friday: A Rant

I’m pretty sure I’ve never shopped on Black Friday.  I have nothing against the sales, but I have no interest in going to over-crowded stores full of assholes willing to fight with each other and wait in line for far too long just to save a few bucks.

I would shop online, and sometimes even plan to, to take advantage of the deals without having to deal with the crowds/ parking lots, but I also never know what I’m going to buy anyone.

Every year when I try to start my online shopping, I find the most asinine items being advertised.  For example, this morning, I went to for inspiration, and the first thing that I saw was this:
A fucking drone.
Who needs this in their life?  Have drones really become so commonplace in today’s world that now Kohl’s needs to sell them?  This is ridiculous.
As were the hoverboards (an inappropriate name, since they did not actually hover) last year.
Why are people buying such over-the-top shit for their kids?  And to the adults using drones, what exactly are you doing with them?  I really do want to know.
I also don’t understand why people are still buying FitBits (another item I saw on the Kohl’s homepage that I find to be unnecessary).
FitBits are overpriced and inaccurate, and what purpose do they really serve?  The FitBit pictured above is apparently $100 on sale, and look at it!  It’s hideous.
If you’re active, you know you’re active; if you’re not, then having a device that tells you a ballpark estimate of the number of steps you’ve made throughout the day won’t change the fact that you’re not exercising.  The only item you really need to figure out if you’re moving enough is a scale.
I guess I’m just having a hard time accepting that FitBit became such a successful brand.  Add it to the list of stupid ideas that became successful and that I wish I came up with, right up there with the mass market drones.

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