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Tips For Living - Psychological Thriller Book Review

It’s been so long since I’ve posted a book review!  Sadly, I haven’t been reading as much lately as I’d like to, but I’m working on changing that.


Yesterday, I finished reading Tips For Living and I’m excited to share my thoughts with you.  Let’s just dive right into this review while everything’s still nice and fresh in my mind!


A Little Bit About The Plot


The story begins with our narrator, Nora, explaining about a run-in with her ex-husband Hugh’s current wife: Helene, the woman Hugh got pregnant while he was still married to Nora.


Nora tells us that she had suspected Hugh was cheating for awhile, but looked the other way until she found out one of his mistresses was pregnant.  That was too much for her to handle, and she had no choice but to leave Hugh.


Devastating as that discovery was, Nora had made a vow to herself that she wouldn’t let Hugh’s actions turn her into a bitter woman.  She has a firm goal to bounce back and create a new, happy life for herself.  She’s even been seeing a therapist to help get over the trauma Hugh caused her (though I found it interesting that her therapist only seemed to be briefly mentioned once or twice at the beginning of the book).


The real drama begins for Nora when, unexpectedly, Hugh and Helene are found murdered in their home.  With Hugh having once been the love of her life, while Helene was “the other woman” that destroyed Nora’s marriage, the murders leave Nora feeling a combination of heartbreak and satisfaction.


But those feelings quickly turn to fear and anxiety when Nora can’t recall her whereabouts on the night of the murder and police begin to question whether or not she could be the killer.


Here’s What I Thought About Tips For Living


There are no “spoilers,” but I do describe the killer a bit here…


As a psychological-thriller-junkie, the synopsis of this book had me intrigued.  It’s exactly the type of book I could spend an entire day curled up on the couch with.  And I’ll admit, there were 1 or 2 days where I did just that (this book might be under 400 pages, but I like to read slowly and soak everything in).


Now, here’s the thing with this book: I wasn’t happy with the ending.


I’m not necessarily complaining.


I just felt like there wasn’t much of a twist (which, in itself, is almost a twist).


About halfway through the book, I thought I had the whole thing figured out.  I picked a character that I thought could be the killer, and was anxiously waiting to see how/ why this character did it.  If the character I had in mind had been the killer, that could have been a really great twist.


Instead, though, when I get to the end of the book, the killer ended up being someone I totally overlooked because, in my mind, it seemed too obvious.


So although I was ready to give this book 4-5 stars on Goodreads while I was reading the first 90% of the story, that dissatisfying ending took it down to a 3-star review for me.


I hate knocking other people’s work, and mean no disrespect to Renée Shafransky.  In fact, I’d probably read another one of her books in the future.


But I’m a tough crowd when it comes to thrillers, so Tips For Living just missed the mark slightly for me.


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What Have You Been Reading Lately?


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