Hahn Pinot Noir

Hahn Pinot Noir Back of Bottle
 This wine tastes like shit.
I purchased this bottle a while ago (maybe even as far back as 6 months ago), but I never opened it.  I’m not sure if perhaps the wine went bad as a result of me not having a fancy shmancy wine cellar, but I have kept bottles of wine before for months before consuming them, and I can’t recall that ever causing said wine to taste bad.  The Hahn Winery pinot noir, however, tastes VERY bad.

At first sip, it tastes pretty fruity (this is good).  Almost immediately after the fruit flavor hits your mouth, though, an overwhelming bitterness takes over– the kind of bitterness that can only be dealt with by either swallowing quickly or strategically finding a place to spit out your wine (I definitely recommend the former if you’re in the presence of others).
Hahn Winery pinot noir is bitter, acidic, and seems to have notes of rubbing alcohol, though I can’t say for certain, as my drinking habits have yet to escalate to the point where I’m drinking the first aid kit for a rush.
I’m pretty surprised by how much I don’t like this wine; Hahn’s may be the first pinot noir I’ve tried that turns me off to this degree.
I don’t remember what I paid for this wine (if memory serves, it was probably somewhere between $13 and $17), but wine.com lists it at $13.99.  Whatever the price, it’s not worth your money.
Hopefully we can take get rid of the bitterness/ acidity when we use this bottle to make sangria (my damn-near foolproof solution for not wasting bad bottles of wine), but if your’e looking for a pinot noir to drink as-is without making sangria, I don’t recommend this one!

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