13 Home Office Must-Haves
13 Things Every Home Office Needs
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I’m not gonna lie; one of the very best things about being self-employed and working from my home is having the freedom to create the perfect office space for getting shit done and doing it my way.  Few things feel more liberating than designing your own workspace after previously holding a job at a company with open-concept offices (yuck).


So, let’s get right into it!


13 Things I Love Having In My Home Office


My Home Office Desk

Working on improving my photography skills, but in the meantime, please enjoy this photo that includes a pile of crap on the floor and the TV I cut off.




1. Obviously, a desk


Some people seem perfectly content managing their workday with little more than a laptop and a cup of coffee— I am not one of them.


Having a designated workspace is non-negotiable for me, and I was so thrilled when the company my boyfriend works for decided to buy all new office furniture and give away the desks they weren’t using anymore.  I have no idea how much they originally paid for the desk that’s now mine, but it’s actually pretty large, fits all my stuff, and easy on the eyes, too— needless to say, I’m beyond grateful for this particular hand-me-down.



2. Comfortable office chair


I am not kidding when I say that I’ve always wanted a leather executive chair— it just feels so badass.


For my office, I went with the La-Z-Boy Brahms Bonded Leather Task Chair in black—it’s pretty comfortable; my only complaint is that the padded armrests are uneven, and at the time that I ordered my chair, I was just too busy to deal with the rigmarole of an exchange.  I also recently learned that “bonded leather” may not be 100% genuine leather— not sure why companies make it so damn hard to find the real stuff, but that’s a rant we’ve already covered here on the blog.


So, back to the point, I recommend the La-Z-Boy Brhams chair if you’re not a leather snob like myself, but if genuine leather is important to you, then you may have to spend a little bit more.



3. Computer setup (for me, double monitors are an absolute must!)


I bought my first Apple iMac in the beginning of 2017, and I’ve really enjoyed having such a large monitor to work on.


I do also have a second monitor set up, and I love using it to keep my browser open while I work on the iMac monitor— most people would probably find this unnecessary, but I started using multiple monitors back when I worked at ad agencies, and it’s a hard habit to break.



4. A VOIP business phone


As far as I’m concerned, there’s really no reason to use your cell phone for business calls— phone lines today aren’t nearly expensive as they once were, and it’s so easy to set up a VOIP phone.


I have the Ooma Yealink T21P E2 VOIP phone in my office, and I’ve used it without a problem for well over a year now.



5. Good lighting


Recently, I’ve found that I prefer working with a lamp, as opposed to more intense, overhead lighting.  Something about it just creates a cozier environment.


I bought the lamp pictured above, and really love how well it lights up my entire desk area.  It actually has multiple color and brightness options (so there are 7 different settings to choose from), and the top of the lamp bends, so you can make sure the light hits the perfect angle.


I loved the lamp I bought for my desk so much, that I just got a second one delivered for my reading chair, too.



6. Desk calendar and a planner (I use both!)


I keep a giant desk calendar from Staples under my keyboard, so that I can easily reference upcoming dates and any other important reminders I like to jot down for myself.


Then, as for project due dates, scheduled calls, and any other plans I want to keep track of, I use this spiral-bound planner that I got from Amazon:


I love it because it’s large enough to fit all my crazy little reminders and other to-dos!



7. Whiteboard/ dry erase markers


Lately, I’ve been using my whiteboard to keep track of goals and prospective clients, but I also love having it for brainstorming sessions, too.  (Mine is hanging on my wall with some notes I decided to omit from this post.)


And this may sound weird, but I’m so glad I found dry erase markers from Bic; they’re hands-down the best markers money can buy, and mine have lasted me over a year now (I don’t use them every day, but I still think that speaks volumes).



8. Comfortable sitting area


This is the newest addition to my office, and I’m completely in love with it.


Home Office Reading Chair and Ottoman


The chair is from Ashley Furniture, and I ordered the Ottoman from Amazon (you can check it out here:


I’ve been wanting to set up a special reading area for almost as long as I’ve had my business, but I was hesitating because I knew that buying an armchair would cramp my office.


And I guess I was right, but on the other hand, it’s not like I was doing anything else with that space, so I’ve decided it actually makes sense to have a chair there.  #FemaleLogic



9. Plenty of bookshelves


So, we already had a few shelves up on the wall that I quickly filled up with books and other knick-knacks.  But my ever-growing book collection extended beyond that space, so I ordered another bookshelf from Staples.  I think it looks okay, and it gets the job done!


10. Scanner/ printer/ copier


I have the Brother MFC-J985DW, and I love it.  It has WiFi capability, so I can print from my desktop and my laptop, and it also has an awesome scanner, plus copying functionality.


If you’re not very tech-savvy, but you need to buy a printer/ copier, I definitely recommend this one.



11. Paper shredder


I’ve actually had my shredder since before I started my business— I’m of the mindset that every household needs one.


I purchased this Amazon Basics shredder, not really knowing if it’d be any good, but here we are, about 5 years later, and I have no complaints.



12. Sonos speakers


I have to thank my boyfriend for my two beloved speakers.


I love listening to music and podcasts throughout the day, and the sound quality is just perfect.  (I prefer the speakers that don’t use Alexa, btw.)



13. Smart TV


This is another beloved gift my boyfriend gave me, and I think it really completes my office— sometimes, you just need to watch the Property Brothers remodel a house while you’re cranking out a blog post, y’know?



What Are YOUR Home Office Must-Haves?


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