How to Pay Less For Cell Service
*This is not a sponsored post, but I kind of wish it was.*


I have unlimited texts, unlimited calls, free voicemail transcriptions (not sure if that’s just an iPhone feature, though), and 5 GB of data for a grand total of just over $48 per month.


How’d I get so lucky?  Two words: Consumer Cellular.


If you’re like most people under the age of 60, then you’ve probably never heard of Consumer Cellular; either that, or you know it as the old folks’ carrier service.  And that’s fair; they really embrace the ease-of-use and senior citizen-friendly phones in all their marketing.  (Yes, you can even still buy flip phones with CC.)


But they also happen to have great coverage, all the latest Android and iPhone models (though I prefer to hang on to my 6S), and, most importantly, the cheapest cell service I’ve ever come across.


I’ve been a customer for about 5 years now, and they’ve given me no reason to ever shop around or check out the competition.


Pretty much everybody I know uses Verizon, and none of them are happy with their service or their bill.


I was on my parents’ Verizon family plan before I switched— at the time, I still didn’t have a smartphone, and was trying to figure out how I could get one without paying an arm and a leg every month.


I still can’t get over what the major carriers get just for a basic data plan—it’s absurd, if you ask me, and there was no way I was going to pay those rates.


I shopped around and checked out all the carriers—I even used my dad’s Consumer Reports account to find out how each different carrier compared to the competition—and, in the end, I found that Consumer Cellular just blew everyone else away.


The point is, if you feel like you’re spending too much on your cell phone, then you probably are.  Check out Consumer Cellular (I’ll make absolutely no money if you do) and let me know what you think!