By now, I think paint nights have swept most of the nation, but if you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s the new-ish trend where people go to bars/ restaurants and drink wine while they paint a masterpiece.


Personally, I’ve never been, but lately my boyfriend and I have been throwing our own little paint nights right here at home— they’re a hoot!


Here’s what you need:


  • A canvas
  • Some brushes
  • A palette
  • Some paints (and here’s where I’d like to point out that you can absolutely get away with just buying white, black, and the primary colors if you’re planning a paint night on a budget)
  • An easel (if you really want to commit!)


That’s really it!  Oh, and if you want to imbibe a bit while you paint (and I personally find that my work comes out much better when I do), I can’t recommend Francis Ford Coppola’s wines enough (though, Apothic is another fantastic option, if you’re looking to save a few bucks).


Now you’re probably wondering what to paint.  Well, worry not my friends, I’ve taken care of that part for you!  Here’s a fun little list I came up with to help you kickstart your artistic career:


20 Paint Night Painting Ideas That’ll Make You Say, “I NEED That Hanging Up On My Wall!”


1. “Dinner is Served”

A plate of steak, veggies, and a glass of wine.


2. “Water, Fall on Me”

A scene of a young maiden, washing her hair in a natural waterfall.


3. “Come Take a Gander”

A portrait of a goose.


4. “Artist Unknown”

A self portrait, but only showing the back of your head.


5. “Wait, Is This Organic?”

An image of an apple with only one bite taken.


6. “See You at the Finish Line”

An image of bicyclist pedaling down the street in spandex.


7. “Can You Repeat That?”

An image of a pair of over-the-ear headphones.


8. “Take a Chance, Man”

An image of a pair of dice, displaying a total amount of your choice.


9. “Hey, Is That You?”

“An image of a person looking at his/ her own reflection in the mirror— or in water.  Artist’s choice.


10. “True or False?”

An image of a toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste, alongside a glass with a pair of dentures inside.  This one is inspired by my dad who always used to giddily tell , “Be true to your teeth and they’ll never be false to you.”


11. “You Need to Get Out More”

An image of an eyeball with the reflection of an iPhone.


12. “You Have Arrived Now”

An image of an eyeball with the reflection of a beach.


13. “Brr, I Feel a Chill”

A portrait of a snowman.


14. “Are These Eggs Coddled?”

A scene of two hard-boiled eggs being pushed down the street in a baby stroller.


15. “Before We Were Cake”

A kitchen scene with flour, sugar, eggs, and vanilla lined up next to a mixer on the countertop.


16. “Please Remain Calm”

A beautiful landscape being ravaged by a tornado.


17. “Not With THAT Attitude!”

A closed fist with an outstretched index finger!


18. “You’re Not the Boss of Me”

A man comfortably fishing from his canoe


19. “Well, Isn’t This a Treat?”

An image of a dripping ice cream cone


20. “Are You Looking at Me?” –Courtesy of le boyfriend, AKA the brains behind Current Kick

An image of any animal you want, but with googly eyes glued onto the finished painting.