I Want Flip Phones Back: A Rant


Motorola Razr vs. Apple iPhone

Sometimes my opinions are pretty unpopular, and this is one of those times: I miss flip phones.
I miss the satisfying feeling of slamming my phone closed to end a conversation.  I miss being able to dial without looking down whilst driving (just kidding, Mom, I never did that!).  I miss having buttons and not being able to accidentally like a post on Facebook from a former classmate or co-worker that I haven’t spoken to in years.  I miss speed dial and being able to access my keypad without having to look for it, and as much as I love getting new Emojis, I REALLY miss not having to deal with software updates and the frustration that results when the Pandora app is no longer compatible with my car.  I miss using my iPod classic for music and my Motorolla Razr for phone calls.  Sometimes, I even miss texting with T9Word (I became surprisingly good at this– I think I was even able to type faster with T9 than I can on my iPhone now).

Look at that, I already wrote an entire paragraph and didn’t even mention the practical reasons why I miss having a flip phone.  For starters, I think it’s absolutely ridiculous how much money we spend on smartphones.  Several hundred dollars for the least durable items we own, just so that we can receive work emails outside of the office?  What scam artist that came up with this?!

And let’s not forget to mention the influx of over-sharers on social media since Smartphones have been a thing.  I don’t know if there’s data to back up that last sentence, but what I do know is that I don’t really need to see you checking into Chili’s on Facebook, nor do I think that’s a smart idea; what if someone’s trying to stalk you?

Maybe I was born in the wrong decade (a possibility I consider every time I see a 20-something with gray dyed hair), but I miss landlines and I’m tired of being easily reached every moment of every day.

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