I’m Back!

Hello readers!  I’m back and I’ve got a new name.

I’m the blogger formally known as A Lick of Everything.

Welcome to A Little Adult.  (I don’t know why you clicked that link, either…)A Little Adult

You may be wondering why I went with the name, A Little Adult.  Well, you Curious George, you, I’ll tell you why!

A Little Adult is a phrase that can have a couple of different meanings: there’s the obvious one, an adult who is little (have I mentioned I’m barely even 5 feet tall?).  But there’s also the more fun meaning; I always think of it as the kind of thing a parent would say.  “No Johnny, I don’t want you to watch that movie.  It’s a little too adult for you.”

I’ve been known to drop the gratuitous “F” bomb here and there.  Occasionally, I even drop the even more scandalous (at least in the US) “C” bomb.  I like to think of myself as a Renaissance woman…

So there you have it, folks.  I am a little uncensored and this is A Little Adult.  I hope you enjoy this journey we’re about to all take together as I increase the frequency with which I post and, as the kids say, let my hair down.  Don’t forget to subscribe today so we can really make this thing work.  Thanks for stopping by!

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