Hello lovely readers, it’s been far too long!


I get knots in my stomach when I look at the publication date of my latest post on this blog: July 2017, yikes!


I only had one goal when I first started this blog, and it was to never abandon it.  I hate knowing that I let myself (and my awesome subscribers) down.


So, there’s a lot of reasons behind my long absence, but I don’t want to sound like I’m making excuses.


Instead, I want to welcome anybody reading this post and assure you that I will not be leaving this site untouched for so long again.  Mark my words.


I’ve honestly really missed being a “lifestyle” blogger, and I’ve already filled up a few notebook pages with my plans for the next set of upcoming blog posts, so stay tuned!


When I last worked on this blog, it was kind of a mish-mosh of book reviews, [amateur] wine reviews, and some other miscellaneous stuff.


My goal now is to open this site up to be a full-on lifestyle blog, where I can share updates on anything and everything that my readers will find interesting.


I’ve learned so much about blogging this past year; sometimes it really hits me just how much more I’ve learned since the last time I sat down to write a post for A Little Adult.


(In fact, I kind of cringe a little bit sometimes when I’m reading through previous posts on this site.  I’ve even deleted a few, but I didn’t want to completely erase A Little Adult’s history—mediocre as it may be—so feel free to peruse the archives and cringe along with me if you have some time to kill!)


You may have noticed I now have some fancy, official disclaimers on my site.  That’s right; I’m taking this entire commitment seriously and focusing on turning my blog into a business.  And as my reader, you’re sort of my “customer,” so thanks for your support!


If you haven’t done so already, please connect with A Little Adult on social media (there’s a handy little widget in the sidebar—or below, if you’re on a mobile device—so you can friend me all over the Internet if you’d be so kind!).


I’m looking forward to getting the content up and running again, but wanted to just share this quick note with all of you first.


Thank you so much for your patience while I was away!