Hello readers, long time no talk!  I’m back and I’ve got yet another review: limited edition (thank God) Peeps® flavored Oreos.

Let me preface this review by first saying that it had been quite some time since my last Peeps® experience. I believe I was 8 or 9 years old the first time I had a Peep, and I thought it was wretched. I’d never been more disappointed in an Easter candy before or since then, and the worst part was that I always felt like everyone else really enjoyed Peeps®. Okay, now fast-forward to a few weeks ago.
I’m in Target (a store I do not like, but I digress) shopping for almond milk and envelopes like a real grown-up, when the cookie aisle- specifically the Peeps® flavored Oreos catches my eye. I just had to try them. These are the arguments I made in my head to justify this childish impulse purchase:
  1. We were visiting my aunt and uncle, and it’s only right to go over someone’s house if you have cookies and/ or wine (I had both, don’t worry).
  2. I love all things festive, even during inappropriate seasons (Christmas socks are a regular in my outfit rotations).
  3. It’s been well over a decade since the last time I had Peeps.  Maybe something’s changed by now and I’ll be able to finally enjoy them like I’m supposed to (because I am supposed to, right?).

So I did it; I bought the Oreos.  And guess what?  They were disgusting.  Here is how I would describe the flavor:

Think of the regular vanilla Oreos (y’know, the kind that NOBODY prefers over traditional Oreos).  Now imagine you’re eating vanilla Oreos while sitting on your couch, and you somehow get distracted and drop one under the cushions, but you didn’t even notice.  Now imagine 6 or so months have gone by and you’re down to your last pennies, about to get evicted and haven’t eaten in days, when, lo and behold, you come across your long-forgotten, dusty vanilla Oreo.  You eat it.  That is probably not much different than the way these Peeps® Oreos taste.  If I had to describe the flavor in one word, it would be “blech.”
Now I’ve learned my lesson, and I’m done giving Peeps® a chance.  The fact is that I’m never going to like them, and that’s okay.
I still want to know if you’ve tried them, and if you have, comment below and tell me what you think!  Subscribe today if you love cookies that don’t taste like dust!!