My Latest Waste of Money

Fuck Off Sleep Mask
My new ridiculous “Fuck Off” sleep mask

I work hard for my paychecks, but sometimes it becomes apparent that I shouldn’t be allowed to have a credit card.  Yup, I wasted $11 on this sleep mask*, because I thought it was funny (I went with the red writing, because I thought it was classier).  And you know what the sick part is?  I looked this up because of some dopey meme I found on Instagram.  I really am a child (well, not really; I pay taxes and have my own health insurance and shit).

If you’re a “child” like me, comment below and tell me about something you’ve wasted your hard-earned cash on because you thought it was funny for whatever reason.

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*Side note: I have no intention of using the ear plugs; those things skeeve me.

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