I guess the whole point of adulthood is to find out just how much you really don’t know…


So, as you may have heard, that rapper 6ix9ine (who came up with that horrendous stage name, by the way?) plead guilty recently to a SHITLOAD of charges.  

Sidenote: I’m not at all familiar with his musical career, but just based on his aesthetic, I don’t find it shocking that the guy’s a truly despicable person… (#SorryNotSorry; he looks like a troll.)


One of those charges was racketeering.  And as I was reading about all this in Twitter Moments, I quickly realized that I had NO IDEA what racketeering was.


Because it sounds like a sign of bad sportsmanship.  


“Just look at that Serena Williams, ruining the match with all her racketeering!”


See, in my head, racketeering had to involve tennis racquets.  


And using them in an inappropriate way.


Like, visiting places other than tennis courts, and waving your racquet around in the air.  Or interrupting government meetings by raising your racquet like it’s an auction paddle. Or worse, going out and deliberately hitting other people and objects with a tennis racquet!


I can easily see how any one of those things could— and should!— be a ticketable offense!


So, imagine how disappointed I was when I found out what racketeering actually is— way to waste a perfectly colorful word on a boring, run-of-the-mill crime.  (Comment below if you know who I can send my complaint to— does Oxford English Dictionary take revision requests at this point?)


Hey, I told you I’d write 100 blog posts this year, but I never promised they’d all be good!