Stacy's Pita Chips Fire Roasted Jalapeno Chips


*This is not a sponsored post, but I kind of wish it was…*

Can you believe I had to add the word “pita” to Microsoft Word’s dictionary?  Shame on you, Bill Gates, everybody should have pita in their lives…  Just another reason to buy Apple, I guess.




I wanted to share this post today because it’s high time the hardworking people at Stacy’s get the recognition they deserve!

Fire roasted jalapeño pita chips are fucking delicious.


Before we tried them recently, I wasn’t a huge fan of Stacy’s (I’m sorry!).  We’d had the plain and the multi-grain pita chips, and I just thought they tasted like nothing.  On top of that, they’re really hard, really loud, and cost a lot more than most other snacks.


But the jalapeño flavor?  Total. game. changer.


And I should probably mention, I’m not the biggest fan of jalapeños (in pepper form).  I am, however, a fan of jalapeño flavor dust.  What can I say, some people are purists, and then there are folks like me.


So, we bought these to eat with hummus—and they’re amazing that way—but they even make a great snack all on their own.  It’s the flavor dust—I could do a line* of it; it’s so good!


We’ve also tried these chips with homemade guacamole, and I loved that combination, too!


As you can guess, the chips are pretty spicy, but if you can handle a little heat, then you probably won’t get heartburn.  I also didn’t find myself reaching for any more water than usual, which is what I like in a spicy snack.


So, if I had to give these chips a rating from 1-10, I think an 8 would be a fair score.  They are fairly expensive, and I’m not a fan of that, and I also don’t see them replacing my cravings when I’m in the mood for something truly salty.  That said, they’re still wildly tasty, and we definitely will buy them again.


Have you tried these chips yet?  Leave a comment below and let me know if you like them plain or with dips/ toppings!


*Just kidding; that would hurt!