Analysis paralysis: analyzing something to the point where you can’t even act because you’re too afraid of making the wrong move.  I’m starting to recognize this in my behavior.  This blog is a perfect example of that.


I haven’t published a post in over 2 weeks now, and while I’m not trying to pat myself on the back, I will say that my silence is not due to a lack of writing.  I’ve started writing and planning multiple posts, and even completed one of them.


But then that little voice in my head started talking…


“No one wants to read that.”


“Who gives a shit about this?”


“This post is garbage.”


And, if I’m honest, those are all valid points.  The post that I wrote kind of is garbage.


But I’m realizing I should have just published it anyway.  Not to subject my readers to garbage; that’s something I’d like to avoid as much as possible.


The reason why I should have published that dumb post is because, as I’ve realized, I’ll never get better if I don’t get started.


I’ll be honest, I don’t read that many blogs.  But in my free time, I watch a lot of YouTube.


And one thing I’ve noticed about many YouTubers (though this applies to much more than just YouTube) is that they weren’t as good when they started out.  But they decided to roll with the punches.  And that’s what I’m learning I need to do.


So even if I write something that’s not so hot, as long as it’s got a point and isn’t a complete mish-mosh of nonsense, I’m going to make myself publish it.


I’m going to stop aiming for perfection, because, as the saying goes, perfection is the enemy of progress.


I might spare my readers from the garbage post mentioned above this time, but moving forward, I’m going to push myself harder to hit that publish button.


And if you’re reading this and plan to come back, consider this your invitation to fill up that comments section with constructive criticism.


I’m ready to start making progress.