Sauvetage Rose Review

Sauvetage Rose Wine
Sorry, readers!  I guess I’m a little late in posting this, as when I tried to find a link to this wine on (formerly known as Club W, the site from which I received my bottle), I was unable to find the Sauvetage Rose.  I am by no means a wine snob; I typically pair my wine with either boxed macaroni & cheese or Totino’s Pizza Rolls, but I can tell you what tastes good, and that’s why I’m writing this.
This wine tastes good.
The Sauvetage Rose has a smooth floral taste, and despite my uncultured ways, I can tell that it’s a summer wine, so again, apologies for the out-of-season post!
When we opened our bottle, we had it with spaghetti & shrimp with a buttery-lemony sauce.  It was DELIGHTFUL.
If you’re uncultured like me, I should mention right now that this wine is definitely best refrigerated; as I’m sipping the leftover wine now, which has been sitting next to me for over half an hour, I’m being hit with a slight bitterness, which I’m pretty sure is the result of this wine having been open for several days and the fact that my glass has finally reached room temperature.
Despite the fact that my glass is less-than-fresh, this wine is still drinkable, and I have definitely had worse, when it comes to bitterness (if you can’t tell by now, I hate bitter wine).
It’s been several months since I purchased this wine, however, I want to say that I probably paid somewhere around $13 for the bottle (and again, this was from Club W).
If you’re like me and you enjoy seasonal beverages during the wrong season, check out your liquor store and see if you can find the Sauvetage Rose– and if it’s there, tell me what you think!

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