Shit I Oughta Know By Now

  1. How to spell “oughta,” because my phone had to autocorrect me just now (sidenote: I do not usually blog from my phone).
  2. The meaning of the word, “opaque.”  I know it has to do with whether or not something is see-through – in fact, after a quick Google search, I now know it means “not see-through,” but by the time you get to be my age, I know you’re not suppposed to have to Google that kind of thing.
  3. How to tell when chicken is cooked before you overcook it.  I’m gonna let this one speak for itself.
  4. Which bone’s connected to the…hip bone?
  5. About 99% of the prayers that are said during a Catholic mass.  I still don’t know how everyone else mesmerized the dialogue that takes place between the priest and the churchgoers, but I’ll admit I feel a little silly when I have to keep my mouth shut because I just don’t know what’s coming next.  
  6. My blood type.  Is this the kind of thing you can just ask your mom?  
  7. How to get rich quick.  Maybe this one’s on everyone’s list of things they wish they knew.
  8. Where I’m gonna be in 5 years, because I was recently job hunting and everyone seems to be really interested in this.  I’d be happy if I just knew what I’m doing this weekend- sheesh! (Sidenote: there are way better questions that you could ask me when I take the time out of my day to discuss a job with you.)

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