Southern Tier Raspberry White Wheat Beer

Southern Tier Raspberry White Wheat Beer
Southern Tier Raspberry White Wheat Beer


BEHOLD: The Southern Tier Raspberry White Wheat Beer.  That is a mouthful…of pleasure!!!

This beer is delightful.
I’ve had a long week at a job I don’t particularly enjoy, dealing with some shitty commuter situations, and this is exactly what the end of a Friday calls for (sidenote: it goes very well with Snyder’s honey mustard pretzel pieces!).
I’ll get into the flavor in just a sec, but can we talk about how good this beer makes me feel?  I just want to sing every song I know at the top of my lungs all night long.  It’s like all of my troubles are melting away and I just feel like smiling.  What a delightful buzz indeed!  (Did I mention I had a long week?)
Alrighty, now for the flavor.  I hate when people repeat one word over and over again in their writing, but the flavor is just DELIGHTFUL!
I’ve never been into dark/ hops-y beers (blech!)– this one is nice and light, but not wimpy-light, if you ask me, a 90-something pound 24-year-old girl…  I digress.
Despite the overwhelmingly pretty pink color, this is not a super sweet nor a super juicy beer.  It tastes like beer, and as long as you’re not around judgey people, I see no reason why a big burly straight guy can’t enjoy this beer (I’m picturing a bearded lumberjack-esque fellow in a plaid flannel shirt with a scraggly, borderline ZZ Top-ish beard).  Woo!
My only complaint is that the bottle says “seasonal,” and I get sad when things I enjoy aren’t available whenever I want them.  Time to stock up the apartment!
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