Stave & Steel Bottle

Stave & Steel Bottle

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted a wine review!  I’d like to clarify now that I haven’t been off the wagon completely, but I did go for quite awhile without trying anything new.

Until today!

I went to my local liquor store on a mission to find a reviewable wine and I’m proud to announce that I found 6.

Today’s post is focusing on what I like to think of as a man’s man’s wine.  The Bob Vila of reds– or at least, the Bob Vila of wine labels.  What I’m trying to say is, Stave & Steel cabernet sauvignon is probably the manliest wine you’re gonna find.

As you can see, this wine is aged in a bourbon barrel.  That being said, I went into this experience only half expecting to enjoy it (I can barely even stand the smell of bourbon).


Stave & Steel - Back of Bottle

Stave & Steel – Back of Bottle

When you first open this wine, the smell is a bit disappointing, and it definitely needs some time to breathe before it can be considered “drinkable.”  People who consider themselves to be “wine experts” may argue that this is the case for all wines, but I’m sure I’m not alone in my habit of opening wine and indulging right away.

After letting the wine breathe, I was disappointed to find that the scent had not changed from that cheap, acidic red wine smell (though what can you expect for under $15?).  On the bright side, the flavor became much more tolerable.

Stave & Steel Wine

Stave & Steel Wine


Before the wine had time to breathe, it was pleasant enough in the mouth– fruity and sweet, without tasting too sugary— but there was an unpleasant bitter aftertaste and my mouth was left pretty dry post-swallow.

Once the wine has breathed a bit, though, the flavor is much more balanced– still fruity, but now the sweetness and bitterness seem to have canceled each other out, and I notice there’s less of a drying effect as well.

I imagine this wine would pair nicely with a medium rare steak, followed by a second glass.

I’d love to hear from other wine lovers who have tried Stave & Steel to see what you thought!  Comment below with your review, or just tell me what your favorite wine is!  I’ve got plenty more wine reviews coming soon.  Subscribe today so you don’t miss out!

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