Stop Complaining About Being "Shamed": A Monday Night Rant

People today are way too soft.   I blame Amy Schumer.
I was leaving work today when I saw an article about a rather obese mother and daughter (the child could not have been older than 12, by the way) who are apparently rather outspoken about how much they love their bodies and why it’s important for other heavy people to feel the same.  First of all, they’re wrong, and second, something needs to be done about these adults who encourage young kids to be fat.  Take care of your kids and help them maintain a healthy weight.
Why are we encouraging so many people to feel like they’re better than everyone else because they can’t keep their hands out of the Twinkie box?  Being fat is not an accomplishment, and I think we’re all familiar with the negative health risks that go along with being overweight.   Stop pretending it’s something to admire.
I’m not talking about the women who will never be a size 0 but are still a healthy weight; there’s obviously nothing wrong with that!  But for Heaven’s sake, if you jiggle when you move, put down the candy bar and admit you need to lose weight.
I say this because it’s true- you are only hurting yourself if you’re overweight and happy about it, but don’t expect others to gush over how beautiful you are.

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