Super Fun Christmas Present: The Magnetic Poetry Kit for Wine Lovers

I got some really funny gifts this year for Christmas (note to self: step up your gag-gift game, because everyone else is KILLING it).

One such gift is the Magnetic Poetry Kit for Wine Lovers from my boyfriend.  We started playing around with this today (the first part is obviously from my boyfriend, since I of course know that it’s always wine o’clock 😉 ).  Check out my first poem:

My First Magnetic Wine Poem
My First Magnetic Wine Poem
Always the right time for a drink
Wine so sexy
Imbibe red and white
Mouth pleasure 

Yes, I did have to Google what “imbibe” means (spoiler alert: it’s a verb for drinking alcohol).  The fact that this magnet set contained words I don’t know (that’s right, words with an “s”— two words, to be specific) definitely took me down a notch, but that’s nothing a glass of wine couldn’t fix!    

(It probably would’ve helped if I took a picture of the box before I threw it out, but luckily we have Amazon to make up for my photographic blunders).  

Magnetic Poetry Kit For Wine Lovers
Magnetic Poetry Kit for Wine Lovers
Anywho, I already had a lot of fun with these magnets and part of me already wants to buy a second kit to add to my poetic possibilities (in case you were wondering, yes, there is another one with dirty words, and that’s the one I want next).

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