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I’m not very old, but the way we talk about food seems to have changed a lot in my day.


For example, I’m pretty sure confident that when I was a kid, we were always told fruits and vegetables were good for you.  That you couldn’t have enough of ‘em.  My mom used to really talk that stuff up.


And before we go further, I’m sticking to that.  I don’t enjoy change and nutrition just isn’t a fascinating enough topic for me to be interested in the latest “findings.”


But those who do care about nutrition don’t seem to agree to the “all fruits and vegetables are good for you” blanket statement.  No.  Instead, they say things like, “bananas have a lot of carbs.”


Um, what?  Since when?


Those are rhetorical questions, though, because the more I talk to people who do care about nutrition, the more confusing I find the entire subject.


What the hell am I supposed to eat?


Never mind, it’s a loaded question, so I’m just going to let my taste buds guide me.  Just kidding (sort of).


So anyway, by 2018 standards, I have no idea if this is actually healthy, but here’s my new favorite “healthy” snack: lightly salted cashews mixed with *barely* sweetened banana chips.  (I will never be mature enough to eat unsalted cashews.)


I like the mixture of salty and sweet, and compared to the obvious junk food snacks, I don’t think this is so bad.  Plus, the nice thing is, I bought both ingredients in bulk on Amazon, so I can seriously consider turning this snack into a habit!


*Make your own unhealthy healthy snack*



Comment below and tell me your favorite snacks (based on taste, not macros)!

My Favorite Unhealthy Healthy Snack - Cashews and Banana Chips