Decanter With Passarola Tinto
Passarola Vinho Tinto in my fancy new decanter
For starters, can we just talk about how fancy my new decanter (a Christmas present from my boyfriend) looks with wine in it?  And if you’re wondering, there are about 2 glasses’ worth of wine in the decanter in the photo above.
Okay, now for the wine review.
Overall, this wine is pretty good, especially since it’s not particularly expensive.  This wine is fruity without being too sweet.  The first sip is usually the best indicator for me, and my first sip of this wine was incredibly smooth.
My boyfriend and I paired this wine with Chinese food, and although that’s probably not what the winemakers at Passarola intended, it did pair nicely (though I say that about pretty much any food that I pair with wine, so take that with a “grain of” MSG).
As I continued to drink it, I could a hint of bitterness (I’m no expert, but I believe this is because of the sulfites in this wine)- not to the point of turning off someone like me who doesn’t like bitter wine, but enough to convince me that this wine would go nicely with a piece of dark chocolate (who could say no to a wine and chocolate party?).


Passarola 2014 Vinho Tinto
Passarola 2014 Vinho Tinto
Passarola 2014 Tinto Back of Bottle
Passarola 2014 Vinho Tinto back of bottle

 Take a leap into the great unknown with Passarola, named for Portugal’s fantastical “balloon ship” invention of 1709.  The Passarola is a symbol of whimsy and adventure, and that spirit is embodied here.  With notes of strawberry, rhubarb, and sage and a touch of tartness, you’re embarking on your very own journey.

Red Wine/ Product of Portugal: 13% Alcohol by Volume | Contains Sulfites 

After reading the label more carefully, I realized that this wine seems to be available exclusively through WINC (please correct me if I’m wrong).  If you aren’t already a member, I wouldn’t recommend opening a membership just for this wine, but if you are a member and haven’t tried this yet, I’d say to give it a shot (assuming it’s available, as it seems to be yet another seasonal wine that I’m reviewing at the wrong time– I think a good new year’s resolution for me is to work on getting these reviews up in a more timely manner!)

I gave this wine a 3-star rating- it’s good, not great, but it goes down smoothly and I found it very easy to drink.  I wouldn’t say you need to stop what you’re doing to buy this wine, but if you’re looking for something new, I don’t think this wine will disappoint.

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